Letter From Tooth Fairy -Celeste Rainbow Preview

Includes: Letter From Tooth Fairy, Tooth Fairy Certificate, Tooth Fairy Receipt, Tooth Fairy Collection Sheet, Tooth Fairy Coloring Page

A little About Tooth Fairy Celeste Rainbow

Welcome to the enchanting realm of Tooth Fairies, where each fairy brings a unique touch of magic to brighten children’s lives. Among them is Celeste Rainbow, fondly called Colours, residing in the vibrant Casa Colorida atop Rainbow Lane in Toothville, Fairyland. At 171 years old, Celeste embodies the spirit of joy and healing through her special Rainbow Healing magic.

Legend has it that Celeste emerged from a magnificent rainbow after a prolonged period of rain in Fairyland. This event, while initially gloomy, heralded the arrival of a fairy who would bring hope and happiness to those in need. Celeste understands the full spectrum of emotions, from the darkest blues to the brightest yellows, and she uses her Rainbow Healing spell to comfort children during difficult times.

In Casa Colorida, her colorful home adorned with toadstool turrets that collect wild fairy dust, Celeste prepares for her nightly flights with care and dedication. The fairy dust, gathered in all hues of the rainbow, is crucial for her healing magic. During rainy nights, she sprinkles this magical blend at the bedside of children who are feeling down, reminding them that brighter days will follow, much like the appearance of a rainbow after a storm.

Letter From Tooth Fairy

Beyond her healing duties, Casa Colorida serves as a sanctuary for Celeste’s fellow fairies, providing warmth and cheer through its vibrant décor and magical ambiance. Despite the windy hilltop location, the Casa remains a beacon of comfort and joy, a testament to Celeste’s nurturing spirit and unwavering kindness.

Join us in celebrating Celeste Rainbow, the Rainbow Tooth Fairy whose radiant magic and compassionate heart bring solace and optimism to children in Fairyland and beyond. As she continues her mission to spread healing and happiness, Celeste reminds us all that even in the darkest moments, there is always a rainbow waiting to bring us light.

Celeste Rainbow Stats:

Nickname: Colours

Flight Air Time: 29 Hours

Stealth Score: 8 out of 10

Age: 171

Flying Speed: 1150 kph

Magic Dust: No

Address: Rainbow Lane, Toothville

Teeth Collected: 899547

Kindness Factor: 99 out of 100

Magic Power:

Rainbow Healing: When it rains, the Rainbow Tooth Fairy combines fairy dust in all colours of the rainbow to form a strong healing magic. She sprinkles this at the bedside of children who have been feeling down, to bring them comfort and show that happier times can follow difficult ones.

Celeste Rainbow Printable Previews

Celeste Rainbow’s collection of printable Tooth Fairy goodies creates a magical experience for children losing their teeth. Included in this enchanting set are a whimsically designed letter, a colorful certificate, and a delightful receipt. The letter, adorned with stars and rainbow accents, features a personalized message from Celeste Rainbow, celebrating the child’s bravery and tooth loss with warmth and encouragement. The certificate, decorated with vibrant rainbows and celestial motifs, honors the special visit with customizable fields for the child’s name and the date of the visit. Completing the set, the receipt adds a touch of authenticity with spaces to record details of the tooth exchange, ensuring each child’s experience with Celeste Rainbow, the Tooth Fairy, is filled with wonder and joy.

A Magical Introduction

Findout Who Has Visited (Celeste Rainbow )

Tooth Fairy Celeste Rainbow Biography

House Details

Celeste Rainbow Official Tooth Fairy Letter

Celeste Rainbow Tooth Fairy Certificate

I Brushed My Teeth Chart

Celeste Rainbow Coloring Page


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Printable Tooth Fairy Letters
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