Best Tooth Fairy Letters in the World

Create Magical Memories with Personalized Tooth Fairy Letters!

Hey there, awesome parent!

Remember the thrill of losing a tooth as a kid? The wiggling, the waiting, and then… the magic of the tooth fairy’s visit! But let’s be real, finding that perfect note for the tooth fairy to leave behind? Kinda tricky, right? There must be an easier way to celebrate the tooth fairy visiting your child. The good news is we have just what you’re looking for!

So, What's The Buzz About Our Tooth Fairy Letters?

Imagine not having to hunt down a new letter every time a tooth falls out. We’ve got a pack bursting with 20 unique tooth fairies, each with their own sparkle and story. What we provide is not just a letter – it’s a whole magical adventure.

Meet Your Child's New Fairy Friends

Ever wondered about the life of a tooth fairy? Dive into a world where every fairy has
a story to tell.

Violet Corne

Stella Starshine

Skye Sunshine

Will Jester

Genie Sparks

Marina Aquashell

Rose Sparkles

Gladys Elderflower

Toothiana Silverglow

Amy Heartfull

Merrick Read

Candace Emberly

Lila Flutterwing

Finn Pawbuddy

Elsie Poppet

Amber Goldenfall

Flora Blossom

Celeste Rainbow

Octavio Beats

Serena Snowbelle

Every Fairy in Our Package Comes With:

A Detailed Biography

From nicknames to the number of teeth collected, it's all in there.

letter from tooth fairy

A Unique House and Address

Your child can imagine where their tooth goes, visualizing the fairy's home.

tooth fairy printabletooth fairy printable

A Letter Just For Your Child

Easily edit the name using a PDF reader (Adobe Acrobat recommended).

tooth fairy letter printable

Special Certificate

Mark the date and name, making the memory last forever.

tooth fairy certificate printable

Teeth Brushing Chart

Encourage good dental hygiene with a fun tracking system.

teeth brushing chart

Coloring Page

Let your child's imagination run wild as they color in their fairy.

tooth fairy coloring page

But Wait, There's More Magic!

For a limited time, enjoy these FREE BONUSES to make the tooth fairy experience extra magical.

Editable Collection Sheet

Make it look like the fairy accidentally dropped a list with your child's name and date. Cute, right?

Editable Tooth Fairy Receipt

A fun little note about the tooth's condition, age, date and which tooth was collected.

A Magical Introduction

Before revealing the fairy, let your child see they had a special visitor.

Editable Envelope Labels

Yep, we've got customizable labels, stamps, and stickers. Just edit then print.

Getting Started is as Easy as 1-2-3

1. Download the Fairy Package

Get instant access to all 20 tooth fairy packages.

download tooth fairy letter

2. Personalize With Child's Details

Edit the details in any PDF viewer. (Adobe Acrobat recommended)

personalized tooth fairy letter

3. Print Using Home Printer

You’re ready to make some tooth fairy magic.

print tooth fairy letter

But Why Dive into Our Fairy World?

We're on a mission to sprinkle some extra magic on that age-old tooth fairy tradition.

With our pack, your child gets an enchanting experience, and you? A hassle-free, fun way to make it happen.

We offer a 60-day no-questions-asked return policy. We're that confident in our sprinkle of fairy dust.

Ready to Create Unforgettable Memories?

Dive in, and let's make some loving memories!

NOW ONLY $12.99

60-day n0-question-asked return policy.

Delivery Details: Immediate digital delivery, a PDF file containing links to PDF fairy packages enclosed in a zip archive.
Required Software: PDF reader (We recommend Adobe Reader for optimal performance).
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