How soon will I get my download after making the payment?

  • Your download will be available instantly upon completing the payment.

How many tooth fairy packages will I receive?

  • You will receive all 20 tooth fairy packages.

Will you send the letters through postal mail?

  • No, you will receive PDF files that you can edit and print from the comfort of your home.

How can I edit the files?

  • To edit the files, simply open the PDF in a PDF viewer, and you’ll be able to insert your child’s details. We recommend using Adobe Reader.    ( Free Download )

What are the available sizes for the tooth fairy letters?

  • You can choose to download either A4 size or Letter size.

What parts of the file can I edit?

  • For the Letter: Child’s name
  • For the Certificate: Child’s name, Date
  • For the Tooth Collection Sheet: Date and Child’s name
  • For the Tooth Receipt: Child’s Name, Date, Age, Condition
  • For the Envelope Labels: Name, Stamp, Banner

Can I edit the files on mobile devices?

  • No, a Desktop or laptop computer is required.

How can I print my documents?

  • You can print your documents using any printer available to you. Please consult your specific printer model’s guide for detailed printing instructions tailored to your device.

What can I do to achieve the best printing quality?

  • To achieve the highest printing quality, we recommend using photo paper or high-grade card stock for your printouts. This will help ensure that your documents and images look their best when printed
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