Letter From Tooth Fairy To Child - Flora Blossom Preview

Includes: Letter From Tooth Fairy To Child , Tooth Fairy Certificate, Tooth Fairy Receipt, Tooth Fairy Collection Sheet, Tooth Fairy Coloring Page

A little About Tooth Fairy Flora Blossom

Welcome to the whimsical realm of Tooth Fairies, where each fairy brings their own special magic to delight children around the world. Meet Flora Blossom, affectionately known as Posy, who resides in the picturesque Wildbloom Lodge nestled in Buttercup Meadow, Fairyland. At 121 years young, Posy has enchanted countless children with her boundless positivity and keen eye for life’s hidden treasures.

Born from an extraordinary rose-gold flower in Fairyland’s enchanted meadow, Posy’s fascination with beauty and wonder has never waned. Her friends bestowed upon her the nickname ‘Posy’ in recognition of her ability to infuse magic into any moment, big or small.

As the Flower Tooth Fairy, Posy’s magic power, ‘Wonder Blooms’, encourages children to embrace curiosity and keep an open heart. By doing so, they can discover sparks of joy and magic that enrich their lives. Whether it’s finding a shiny pebble or seeing a rainbow after a storm, Posy believes that these moments of wonder elevate our spirits and make life truly magical.

In Wildbloom Lodge, surrounded by the vibrant colors of Buttercup Meadow, Posy prepares for her nightly flights with meticulous care. Her flight time of 34 hours and stealth score of 9 out of 10 ensure that every tooth she collects is replaced with a sprinkle of magic dust and a touch of her infectious kindness.

Join us in celebrating Flora Blossom, the enchanting Flower Tooth Fairy whose zest for life and love for the extraordinary inspires children to see the beauty in every day. As Posy spreads joy and wonder across Fairyland and beyond, she reminds us all to cherish life’s little miracles and embrace the magic that surrounds us.

Letter From Tooth Fairy To Child

Flora Blossom Stats:

Nickname: Posy

Flight Air Time: 34 Hours

Stealth Score: 9 out of 10

Age: 121

Flying Speed: 1100 kph

Magic Dust: Yes

Address: Buttercup Meadow

Teeth Collected: 627990

Kindness Factor: 99 out of 100

Magic Power:

Wonder Blooms: Helps children to find the ‘hidden treasures’ in life. Curiosity and keeping an open heart helps us find sparks of magic and joy that we might otherwise miss.

Flora Blossom Printable Previews

Flora Blossom’s printable Tooth Fairy goodies bring a touch of whimsy and magic to every child’s tooth-losing milestone. Included in the collection are a beautifully designed letter, an enchanting certificate, and an authentic receipt. The letter features delicate floral illustrations and a personalized message from Flora Blossom, celebrating the child’s courage in losing a tooth. The certificate, adorned with floral motifs and fairy-tale elements, commemorates the special occasion with customizable fields for the child’s name and date of the visit. Finally, the receipt adds a playful touch with spaces to record details of the tooth exchange, making the experience truly magical for children visited by Flora Blossom, the Tooth Fairy.

A Magical Introduction

Findout Who Has Visited ( Flora Blossom )

Flora Blossom Biography

House Details

Flora Blossom Official Tooth Fairy Letter

Flora Blossom Tooth Fairy Certificate

I Brushed My Teeth Chart

Flora Blossom Coloring Page


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