Cute Tooth Fairy Letter - Genie Sparks Preview

Includes: Cute Tooth Fairy Letter, Tooth Fairy Certificate, Tooth Fairy Receipt, Tooth Fairy Collection Sheet, Tooth Fairy Coloring Page

A little About Tooth Fairy Genie Sparks

Welcome to a world where magic and wonder bring the Tooth Fairy to life! Our special collection features unique Tooth Fairies, each with their own enchanting stories and magical gifts. With each fairy, including the innovative Genie Sparks, affectionately known as ‘Bytes,’ you receive an editable Tooth Fairy letter, a beautifully crafted certificate, a whimsical Tooth Fairy receipt coloring page, and a “Brushed My Teeth” sheet to encourage good dental habits.

Meet Genie Sparks, the tech-savvy Tooth Fairy from Pixel Hut on Electric Avenue in Toothville. At 99 years old, Genie has collected 534,552 teeth with a flying speed of 1100 kph and a stealth score of 9 out of 10. His magical power, ‘Mind Innovate,’ unlocks a child’s curiosity and helps them think about problems in new and creative ways. Nicknamed ‘Bytes’ for his affinity with technology and his clever play on words, Genie’s journey to becoming a tooth fairy is filled with bright ideas and innovative solutions.

Genie’s home, Pixel Hut, is a marvel of technology, blending natural elements with high-tech gadgets. Built from a giant toadstool and adorned with screens and glowing LED lights, his hut is a beacon for curious minds. Frequent visitors, from older fairies needing tech help to younger ones eager for a video game challenge, are always welcome at Pixel Hut. Genie’s inventive spirit and welcoming nature create a vibrant community where ideas and laughter flow freely. Join Genie Sparks and let the magic of the Tooth Fairy inspire your child’s creativity and problem-solving skills during their tooth-losing adventure!

cute tooth fairy letter

Genie Sparks Stats:

Nickname: Bytes

Flight Air Time: 36 Hours

Stealth Score: 9 out of 10

Age: 99

Flying Speed: 1100 kph

Magic Dust: No

Address: Electric Avenue, Toothville

Teeth Collected: 534552

Kindness Factor: 98 out of 100

Magic Power:

Mind Innovate: Helps unlock a child’s curiosity and ability to think about problems in a different way than usual.

Genie Sparks Printable Previews

Explore the tech-savvy world of Tooth Fairy Genie Sparks, known as Bytes, with our enchanting collection of printable and editable files! At 99 years old, Bytes resides in Pixel Hut on Electric Avenue, Toothville. With a flying speed of 1100 kph and over 534,000 teeth collected, Genie uses his Mind Innovate magic to spark children’s curiosity and innovative thinking. This delightful set includes a detailed biography, a vivid description of his high-tech home, a personalized tooth fairy letter, a beautifully designed certificate, a fun teeth brushing chart, printable tooth fairy letter templates, and more. Turn each tooth fairy visit into a futuristic adventure filled with creativity and wonder!

A Magical Introduction

Findout Who Has Visited ( Genie Sparks )

tooth fairy clipart

Tooth Fairy Genie Sparks Biography

Where Genie Sparks Lives

Genie Sparks Official Tooth Fairy Letter

Genie Sparks Tooth Fairy Certificate

I Brushed My Teeth Chart

brushing teeth chart for toddlers

Genie Sparks Coloring Page

boy tooth fairy coloring page


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