Printable Tooth Fairy Letter PDF -Gladys Elderflower Preview

Includes: Printable Tooth Fairy Letter PDF , Template, Tooth Fairy Certificate, Tooth Fairy Receipt, Tooth Fairy Collection Sheet, Tooth Fairy Coloring Page

A little About Tooth Fairy Gladys Elderflower

Welcome to the magical realm of tooth fairies! We’re delighted to present our enchanting collection of 20 unique tooth fairies, each with their own captivating stories and delightful personalities. Each fairy comes with an editable tooth fairy letter, a certificate, a tooth fairy receipt coloring page, and a “brushed my teeth” sheet, perfect for celebrating your child’s special moments.

Introducing Gladys Elderflower, fondly known as the Toothfairy Godmother. Residing in Wisewood Cottage in Mushroom Hollow, Fairyland, Gladys is an ancient and wise fairy. With a remarkable career collecting 1,200,588 teeth, she gracefully glides through the air at a speed of 950 kph and a flight air time of 25 hours, using her magic dust to bring joy to children. Her kindness factor is an extraordinary 99 out of 100, making her beloved by all.

Gladys wields the ‘Guardian Blessing’ magic, allowing her to watch over the children she cares for. If she sees a child making good choices, she might even grant them a little wish. Her journey began many years ago when she lived alone, feared by other fairies. A chance encounter with a lost child needing comfort changed everything. Gladys’s kindness and wisdom soon earned her the title of Toothfairy Godmother, enabling her to share her magic with the world.

Printable Tooth Fairy Letter PDF

Wisewood Cottage, her charming and cozy home, is nestled in Mushroom Hollow. Surrounded by flowers and woodland creatures, it’s a sanctuary for Gladys. In her workshop, she mixes wild fairy dust with nature’s finest ingredients, creating jars of shimmering magic dust. Her most treasured spell, Guardian Blessing, allows her to keep a loving, watchful eye on children, ensuring they are always encouraged to do their best.

Gladys Elderflower Stats:

Nickname: Toothfairy Godmother

Flight Air Time: 25 Hours

Stealth Score: 7 out of 10

Age: Very old!

Flying Speed: 950 kph

Magic Dust: Yes

Address: Mushroom Hollow

Teeth Collected: 1200588

Kindness Factor: 99 out of 100

Magic Power:

Guardian Blessing: Allows the Toothfairy Godmother to keep a loving, watchful eye on the children in her care. If she sees that a child is making good choices, she might use her other magic to grant a little wish! 

Gladys Elderflower Printable Previews

Step into the nurturing world of Tooth Fairy Gladys Elderflower, affectionately known as the Toothfairy Godmother, with our enchanting collection of printable and editable files! Residing in Wisewood Cottage within Mushroom Hollow, this wise and ancient fairy has collected over 1,200,000 teeth, flying at a speed of 950 kph. Gladys’s special magic, the Guardian Blessing, allows her to keep a loving, watchful eye on children, granting little wishes to those who make good choices. This delightful set includes a detailed biography, a vivid description of her charming woodland home, a personalized tooth fairy letter, a beautifully designed certificate, a fun teeth brushing chart, printable tooth fairy letter templates, and more. Transform each tooth fairy visit into a magical experience filled with wisdom, kindness, and a touch of fairy godmother magic!

A Magical Introduction

Findout Who Has Visited ( Gladys Elderflower )

Tooth Fairy Gladys Elderflower Biography

Gladys Elderflower House

Gladys Elderflower Official Tooth Fairy Letter

Gladys Elderflower Tooth Fairy Certificate

I Brushed My Teeth Chart

Gladys Elderflower Coloring Page


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