First Tooth Fairy Letter - Toothiana Silverglow Preview

Includes: First Tooth Fairy Letter , Tooth Fairy Certificate, Tooth Fairy Receipt, Tooth Fairy Collection Sheet, Tooth Fairy Coloring Page

A little About Tooth Fairy Toothiana Silverglow

Welcome to the whimsical world of tooth fairies! We are thrilled to introduce our collection of 20 unique tooth fairies, each with their own magical stories and delightful charm. Along with each fairy, you will receive an editable tooth fairy letter, a certificate, a tooth fairy receipt coloring page, and a “brushed my teeth” sheet to celebrate your child’s special moments.

Meet Toothiana Silverglow, affectionately known as Moonshine. Born 103 years ago under a magical moonbeam in the enchanted Luna Glade, Toothiana is a fairy with extraordinary abilities. From a young age, she harnessed the moon’s energy to perform magic, earning her the nickname Moonshine and her place among the tooth fairies.

As the Moonshine Tooth Fairy, Toothiana transforms into a shimmering trail of moondust, allowing her to travel great distances swiftly during the night. Her exceptional night vision ensures she never misses a tooth. Toothiana’s most cherished ability, however, is bringing comfort to children who feel nervous in the dark. She casts a special spell that creates an invisible, magical moonbeam around the sleeping child, providing a sense of safety and sweet dreams.

Toothiana’s home, Moonbeam Manor, is nestled in the enchanted Luna Glade, the very place where she was brought to life

First Tooth Fairy Letter

Toothiana Silverglow Stats:

Nickname: Moonshine

Flight Air Time: 32 Hours

Stealth Score: 8 out of 10

Age: 103

Flying Speed: 1150 kph

Magic Dust: Yes

Address: Enchanted Luna Glade

Teeth Collected: 543456

Kindness Factor: 99 out of 100

Magic Power:

Moonbeam Enchantment – Harnessing the moon’s glow to bless children who feel nervous in the dark with comfort and pleasant dreams. Cast as a ‘thank you’ spell when she collects a lost tooth.

Toothiana Silverglow Printable Previews

Step into the magical world of Tooth Fairy Toothiana Silverglow, known as Moonshine, with our enchanting collection of printable and editable files! Born from a moonbeam in Luna Glade, 103-year-old Toothiana uses moon magic to comfort children at night. As the Moonshine Tooth Fairy, she travels as a shimmering trail of moondust, sees well in the dark, and casts an invisible moonbeam around sleeping children to chase away worries and bring sweet dreams. Living in Moonbeam Manor, a cozy home surrounded by twinkling ponds and magical plants that capture the lunar glow, Toothiana’s delightful set includes a detailed biography, a description of her moonlit home, a personalized tooth fairy letter, a beautifully designed certificate, a fun teeth brushing chart, printable tooth fairy letter templates, and more. Transform each tooth fairy visit into a magical experience filled with comfort and wonder!

A Magical Introduction

Findout Who Has Visited ( Toothiana )

Tooth Fairy Toothiana Biography

Toothiana House Details

Toothiana Official Tooth Fairy Letter

Toothiana Tooth Fairy Certificate

I Brushed My Teeth Chart

Toothiana Coloring Page


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